“Ecological 4.0”

Sustainability doesn’t mean more work and less profit.

We work on products and services that combine maximum efficiency and environmental awareness,

automation, ecological, biologically sustainable.


We have developed an organic, ecological solid fertilizer that harmonizes with nature and is easy to use.


Carefully selected components that provide a good portion of all the macro and micro nutrients with a great variety of trace elements to grow strong and healthy plants.


Integrated in the fertilizer are symbiotic fungi and microorganisms that ensure an ideal supply of nutrients and also make the plant more resistant to diseases.
An all in one fertilizer for strong and high-yield plants!


Powerful LEDs for horticulture applications.


To cultivate plants indoors you need a light source that comes as close as possible to the sun and is still energy efficient.


We work with the most efficient LED chips and offer products and solutions for every dimension.

Watering systems

Automation of your own garden.


No more wasting time with casual watering and at the same time providing the plants with the optimal portion of water.


The irrigation system developed by us individually adapts to each plant in order to create optimal conditions for your plants.